Seattle continues to show its affection for a classic favorite among canine companions: the golden retriever. Once again, in 2023, data from the American Kennel Club confirms that the golden retriever reigns as the city’s most beloved dog breed. This trend echoes the sentiments of the previous year, maintaining the golden retriever’s stronghold on Seattle’s dog-loving community.

While nationally, the French bulldog claims the top spot for the second consecutive year, Seattleites prove their distinctive preferences. Gina DiNardo, the executive secretary of the AKC, notes this unique inclination, stating that Seattle residents often diverge from national trends in their choice of furry companions.

Examining registration data specifically from Seattle ZIP codes, the AKC reveals that Labrador retrievers follow closely behind golden retrievers as the city’s second-favorite breed. The French bulldog, Pembroke Welsh corgi, and Havanese round out the top five, maintaining their positions from the previous year.

However, a January survey conducted by U.S. News & World Report introduced a different perspective. Utilizing pet insurance data, the report crowned the Chihuahua as Washington’s most popular breed. This discrepancy highlights the diverse methodologies and criteria used to determine popularity within the canine community.

In response to these contrasting findings, The Seattle Times engaged its readers to voice their opinions on Washington’s best dog breed. Nearly 200 participants contributed their insights, culminating in the golden retriever securing the top position once more. Additional contenders included the Chihuahua, Labrador retriever, goldendoodle, French bulldog, and German shepherd.

Readers highlighted various attributes that endeared them to their preferred breeds. For golden retrievers, their love for water activities and adaptability to Washington’s outdoor lifestyle resonated strongly. Others praised the Chihuahua’s compact size and spirited demeanor.

Despite local sentiments, the French bulldog’s national popularity continues to soar, dethroning the Labrador retriever’s three-decade-long record. Frenchies have steadily climbed the ranks, with registrations skyrocketing over the past decade.

Seattle Times readers, while not placing the French bulldog at the top, acknowledged its appeal for its versatility and comedic charm. The breed’s expressive nature, albeit sometimes in the form of flatulence and snoring, earned accolades from enthusiasts.

Beyond Seattle, the AKC’s national rankings feature a diverse array of breeds, with golden retrievers, German shepherds, and poodles securing top positions. Regional preferences further highlight the nuanced landscape of canine adoration, with states favoring breeds ranging from the goldendoodle in Idaho to the Chihuahua in Oregon and Nevada.

As Seattle reaffirms its affinity for the golden retriever, the city’s canine landscape reflects both local idiosyncrasies and broader national trends.

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