Recent Ielts Speaking Topics

Recent Ielts Speaking Topics

Most Important Topic For Ielts


How many family mombers are there in your family?
Do you love your family?
Does your family live together?
Who from your family is abroad?
How many wonien are there in your family?
How many doctors are there in your family?


Which weather do you like?
Why you like this weather?
What you eat in this weather?
What you wear in this weather?
Where you travel in this weather?
Who else from your family like this weather?


Where is your home?
Your home is big or small?
How inany rooms are there in your home?
Is there a garden in your home?
Yous hɔme is new or old?
What is the color of your home?


What leisure time activity?
Do you read in your leisure time?
Do you listen to nusic in your leisure time?
Is leisure time essential for good health?
Do you exerise in your leisure time?
Ho: much leisure time you have daily?


What is your work?
Where do you work?
What is the importance of work?
Why do we need to work?
Do you like your work?
Do you enjoy your work?


Tell me about your education?
What is the importance of education?
Is education important for girls?
Do you want to get further education?
What is your favorite field in education?
What is the quality of education system in your country?


What is the importance of health?
What you do to stay healthy?
Do you use any vitamins to stay healthy?
Do you look after the heaith of your family members?
Are doctors necessary to be healthy?

Recent Ielts Speaking Topics

What is the retation between health and our mind?

Personal Details:

What is your name?
Tell me your age?
Where do you live?
What is your father’s name?
What do you do?
Wihat ara your future plans?