Cough Symptoms and Causes

1. Coughing

Cough Symptoms and Causes

Healthy normal people normally cough up many times that dust It is caused by entering the respiratory tract.

But it lasts for a while. Acute cough Cough can be caused by many types of disorders and diseases in the body.

The reasons for this are as follows. system Respiratory viral infection occurs in the upper respiratory tract.

Which can cause acute bronchiectasis or laryngitis. Allergies occur in many seasons. Postnasal Drip (Postnasal Drip), which drains mucus from the nose into the throat she lives.

2 Chronic Cough

The reasons for this are as follows.

1 Respiratory system Disorders

These include asthma chronic bronchitis, emphysema whooping cough, petritis Cancer, including cystic fibrosis and cirrhosis of the lung.

2Disorders of the nose, throat and Sinuses

They include sinusitis and post-nasal drip Post-Nasal) are included.

3Digestive Disorders

Among them (Gastroesophageal Reflux). These include chronic aspiration, weakening of the throat muscles.

4. Liver Disorders

Abscess of the liver or abscess in the stomach and collect under the diaphragm So it can also cause a cough.

5Breast Defects

If the lymph nodes inside the chest are enlarged, this pressure from the outside on the airways Ingestion can cause a cough.

6Ear Disorders

If it collects inside the ear or if there is a tumor inside, it also brings chronic cough can cause.


Defects in the heart membrane Among them are cherry car dies, an aortic aneurysm and left atrium enlargement Included.

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking About 25 percent of people who smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day have a cough that is worse in the morning.

The more cigarettes the patient smokes, the greater the chances of coughing. Most patients’ cough resolves after smoking cessation.

Cigarette smoke causes inflammation in the airways, which causes excess secretions to build up in the airways.

Which accumulate inside the lungs at night while sleeping And morning cough is caused by them. Cough comes along with phlegm.
Smoking causes the crank to stick.


In this, the patient feels difficulty in breathing.

Whistling sounds are heard from the chest while breathing. Dry cough occurs, if cough

Even if there is mucus, it comes in small amounts. The patient may have repeated such attacks. Changes in weather
or the presence of dust and allergens in the air can trigger these attacks.Cough Symptoms and Causes.

Whooping Cough

It occurs in children. The patient has frequent coughing fits.

Whose During this the patient repeatedly coughs violently and finally gasps for breath with a loud gasp. Due to the lack of oxygen in the blood during seizures,

the skin color also turns blue temporarily. These visits are frequent for a few months.

Laboratory Tests

Following are for cough due to respiratory system disorders Laboratory Tests are done

  • (1) Chest X-Ray

Changes due to TB cancer and cystic fibrosis can be seen on chest X-ray. A chest x-ray is usually normal in bronchiectasis, asthma etc.

  • (2) Gram stain, cultures

(Cytology) of mucus can detect different types of infection and cancer.

  • (3) Pulmonary Function Test

(Pulmonary Function Test) Chronic bronchitis and emphysema may be detected.

  • (4) Bronchoscopy

(Bronchoscopy) A specialist chest doctor in the respiratory tract A tube (bronchoscope) can be inserted to examine the inside. Internal lesions can be biopsied and analyzed. Bronchoscopy done specifically to diagnose cancer goes.