Can An Apple a Day Really Keep The Doctor Away

Can An Apple a Day Really Keep The Doctor Away

Can An Apple a Day Really Keep The Doctor Away

The doctor says to eat an apple a day Keeps away from every disease. How much truth can there be in this let us know Experts say

A team of experts came to this conclusion after conducting more than 200 studies. Eating an apple a day is very beneficial for the heart Scientists have suggested this An apple a day And drinking a glass of milk with it is very beneficial for the heart and to cure many diseases.

According to modern scientific research and experts in a medium sized apple Contains 55 to 60 percent of calories. Apples are rich in vitamin C.

According to scientific research, this has been revealed Apple keeps blood pressure and blood sugar and even cholesterol levels under control. According to US research Apple is very beneficial for cancer patients. Consumption of apples reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer by 25%

Apples are very beneficial in eliminating breast cancer.
Eating an apple a day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30%

If nausea or vomiting occurs and do not stop with any medicine In such a case, put black salt on the apple and eat it Vomiting will stop. Apple cures mental weakness, nervous weakness and even male impotence.
Apples contain iron, which delivers oxygen to every cell in the body.

Can An Apple a Day Really Keep The Doctor Away

Doctors say? Eating apples strengthens bones. Apples increase appetite.

University of Minnesota experts Researched on eating apples. And finally this came out. That apples contain a chemical called senulolytics. Which is very helpful in preventing aging.

To get rid of stomach worms. Eat an apple before going to bed at night And don’t drink water afterwards. Stomach worms will get rid of within a week.

According to the latest research in the European University, this has been revealed Apples burn body fat Apples reduce obesity Consuming three apples daily melts body fat.